Help Wanted: School System Trying To Fill 70 Teaching Vacancies

With less than 3 weeks remaining before the start of traditional calendar public schools, Johnston County Public Schools is working to fill 70 teachers positions throughout the district.

Chief of Human Capital Brian Vetrano told members of the Johnston County School Board on Tuesday, at this same time last year there were 69 vacancies. In 2015 there were 79 vacancies.

Vetrano said some of the toughest positions to fill are teaching positions in math, science, and exception children classrooms.  He said other school districts are also having similar problems filling those positions.

Vacancies remains at elementary, middle and high schools levels.

Over the summer, 202 teachers and support staff have been hired, including counselors and media coordinators.  A total of 51 classified employee vacancies have also been filled this summer including custodians, nutritionists, data managers, bookkeepers, grounds crew, electricians and plumbers.

Vetrano said the goal is to have zero vacancies. Just in case all the positions are not filled before the start of the traditional school year on August 28th, retired teachers and substitute teachers will be contacted to help out until permanent hires can be made.

As of Wednesday, Neuse Charter School in Smithfield had only 2 teacher vacancies remaining to be filled.