High School Seniors Earn Millions In Scholarships

Johnston County Public Schools boasts over $43.6 million in scholarship offerings to the Class of 2017.

School Total
Clayton 7,256,783.00
Cleveland 12,531,985.00
Corinth Holders 6,251,491.00
Early College 2,518,000.00
Middle College 863,421.00
North Johnston 1,870,233.00
Princeton 954,775.00
South Johnston 2,644,947.00
SSS 3,889,540.00
West Johnston 4,887,330.00
JCPS Total 43,668,505.00

Dr. Ross Renfrow, Superintendent of Johnston County Public Schools said, “We are extremely pleased to recognize the fruits of our students’ academic and extracurricular labor, and wish all well as they pursue their career and higher education goals.”