Hit & Run Driver Crashes Into Convenience Store, Police Say

SELMA – A Selma convenience store was damaged by a hit and run driver. Around 9:46am Wednesday, May 8, Selma Police responded to the Short Trip at 900 N. Pollock Street. Police said a silver Hyundai Sonata pulled into the parking lot and struck the front of the store.

A female behind the wheel of the car ran away from the scene. A male passenger climbed into the drivers seat and drove away, leaving behind approximately $10,000 in damage to the glass entry doors and front of the building.

An eyewitness was able to provide the license plate number to officers. Police located the Hyundai with front end damage in the owners driveway in the 400 block of N. Webb Street.

A female sitting on the front porch reportedly told police the brakes failed to work and it was her fault. Police said they checked the brakes on the Hyundai and reportedly found them to be in working order.

The female, identified as Lakeisha Lorrall Johnson, age 43, of N. Webb Street, Selma, was transported to Johnston Health in Smithfield for medical treatment. She reportedly refused medical care. A blood sample was taken as evidence.

Johnson was charged with driving while impaired, hit and run, and driving on a revoked license from an impaired driving revocation. The Hyundai was seized under the NC DWI seizure law.

Johnson was given a $5,000 bond pending her next court appearance.

No one inside the Short Trip was injured.


  1. $10,000.00 worth of damage and $5000.00 bond. Do the math. My calculations tell me the Judge must be drunk also. The PD does a great job then the Judges make a mockery out of things. Anyway, good job to the Selma PD for quick work.

  2. When will you learn that damage amounts and bond amounts are two separate things? Is this just one stop in your daily marathon of comment posts?

    • These posts are for me to put in my opinion. If you don’t like my opinion, then as an American you have the right not to read it. I guess you don’t like the fact that I complement our LEO’s also. The problem here is the woman was drunk and caused property damage and could have killed someone in the process. That should have been taken into account when bail was set not to mention all the other charges as well. time you decide to dislike one of my posts, think of what I am saying and what could have been behind the point I am trying to get across. If you think bail should be set low for DWIs then that tells me, you might drink and drive as well! Note I said might and not a fact!

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