Horseless Carriage Club Tours Johnston County

Old Car 3 Seventy-five vintage cars, all built before 1928, spent last week driving across Johnston County.

Old Car 4A group of car collectors called the Horseless Carriage Club on America spent the week with their antique cars making stops at Deacon Jones Auto Park, Holt Lake Barbecue, the Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site, Atkinson Mill, and the Caterpillar Plant among other locations.

The tour covered nearly 400 miles.  The most expensive car in the group was worth about $300,000. 

Collectors from Connecticut to Florida converged on Johnston County for the tour put together by Tommy and Donna Fitzgerald.    

It was the 64th annual tour by the group of antique car enthusiasts. 

Photos by John Payne

Old Car 2