HR Director Receives 17 Percent Pay Raise

Smithfield town leaders did not want to lose Human Resource (HR) Director Tim Kerigan. To keep him employed with the town, Kerigan was given a 17 percent pay raise at the Nov. 10th council meeting.  

Kerigan, who had been with the town since June 2012, announced on Sept. 27 he was leaving to accept a job with the Human Resource Department with Johnston County.  His last day on the job was suppose to be Oct. 9th, however town officials were able to persuade Kerigan to stay.

Tim-Kerigan-FIKerigan’s duties have been reclassified. He will not only be in charge of Human Resources but he will be the towns Public Information Director and Economic Development Liaison.  With the additional responsibilities and economic development duties, the board agreed to increase his salary by 17 percent, from $55,517.28 to $64,988.83. 

Before beginning with the Town of Smithfield, Kerigan was the Director of Tourism for Gulf County, Florida.    

Kerigan recently told WTSB News / JoCoReport, ” I continue to see wonderful opportunities for professional and personal growth here at the Town of Smithfield and I look forward to continuing to serve our great employees and citizens.”

Kerigan, 43, and his wife, Alison, have two children. Their son attends Smithfield Selma High and their daughter attends Clayton Middle. Alison is a kindergarten teacher at West Clayton Middle School.

In his spare time, Kerigan is a coach for a travel baseball team and a mentor at Smithfield Selma High.