Improper Disposal Of Fireworks Leads To 4 House Fires

JOHNSTON COUNTY – Johnston County fire investigators have confirmed four house fires last week were all related to the improper disposal of fireworks. 

Around 10:33pm Tuesday, July 4th, used fireworks, placed of inside a trash can in an attached garage, ignited a house fire on Simmental Court in Clayton.

At 12:07am Wednesday, July 5th, fireworks disposed near the exterior of a home on Old Daughtry Road in the Brogden community ignited a blaze.

Minutes later, at 12:16am Wednesday, July 5, fireworks disposed of in a trash can caught the trash can on fire and damaged the exterior siding of a residence on W. Calvert Court, Clayton in the Flowers community.

At 1:12am Wednesday, July 5, used fireworks were gathered on a wooden bench outside the exterior of a home on Myrtle Road in Selma.  The fireworks sparked a fire that burned the exterior of the home and spread into the roof.  Nine people were displaced from the home. 

Johnston County Emergency Services Fire Marshal Ryan Parker said to use caution when discarding used fireworks. “If citizens choose to ignite their own fireworks, once the fireworks have been used, one should allow the heat to dissipate and cool to prevent any burn injury.  Fireworks should be doused or submerged with water and then disposed in a location away from the dwelling or structure. Also, many communities host permitted and inspected firework displays conducted by those trained in pyrotechnics. We encourage citizens to participate in those activities within their communities.”

The Red Cross responded to assist victims on Simmental Court, Old Daughtry Road, and Myrtle Road.


  1. Assuming these were adults, haven’t they been around long enough to figure out how to safely dispose of fireworks??? Fireworks were somewhat exciting as a child, but if you are any kind of sane grown person, do you not have anything of substance that makes you happy other than the waste of money and potential danger that these things possess? Does it take setting the house on fire to get your attention….oh well

    • Typical lib. Expect people to think and act like you and if they dont, there is something wrong with them. Lots and lots of people like fireworks. People of all ages. Lets try this. What do you enjoy and spend money on. Stop that.

  2. They placed used fireworks inside of a trash can inside of an attached garage?!?! These are the same people who fall for internet scams! #GetWhatYouDeserve

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