“In God We Trust” Motto Installed At Courthouse

There was no fanfare or public ceremony, but at 7:00am Wednesday, courthouse officials erected the motto “In God We Trust” in the old section of the Johnston County Courthouse in Smithfield.

The display was approved by Johnston County Commissioners at their December 4th meeting.  A group called the US Motto Action Committee and co-founded by former Davidson County Commissioner Rick Lanier is on a mission to have the national motto installed on as many government buildings as possible.

After being approved by a city or county government agency, the Committee the pays for the full cost of the display.

In bright gold letters “In God We Trust” is now on display for employees and visitors to see at the Johnston County Courthouse in Smithfield.  Johnston is now the 87th public location in North Carolina that has agreed to display the motto after being asked to do so by the non-profit organization.