Injuries Reported In I-95 Tractor Trailer Crash

Fire personnel extinguish a burning tractor trailer that crashed on Interstate 95 in Dunn on January 7, 2023. Dunn Emergency Services Facebook Photo

DUNN – At least two people were injured in a fiery tractor trailer crash late-Saturday on Interstate 95 in Dunn.

Initial reports indicate a tractor trailer was traveling southbound on I-95 when it collided with a bridge and burst into flames.

Two other vehicles crashed while trying to avoid the burning tractor trailer wreckage.

The driver of the semi reportedly sustained serious injuries. The driver of one other vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Dunn are expected to be closed until at least 10:00pm.


  1. No doubt it was in a construction zone where the seemingly endless construction barriers make the shoulders the width of a piece of paper. When will the construction ever end? They’ve been working on 95 from 40 to Fayetteville for a decade.

  2. Anyone have an idea on if that was a company truck or an owner operator? I agree that this construction zone is horrible for everyone, especially truckers. There’s no room for them to move at all, so if there’s something they need to avoid, they’re screwed. Add the fools that frequent 95 that couldn’t drive to save their own skin, and you have a nasty combo. It’s bad enough a few truckers I know refuse to take 95, they’d rather lose time than lose their truck.

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