Inmate Captured After Brief Escape

Sarah-Danielle-Perry-MugA Clayton woman is jailed under a $1 million bond following her brief escape from officers at the Johnston County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

Sarah Danielle Perry was convicted in court on drug charges and probation violation earlier in the day. Afterwards, Perry was being transported by probation officers to a rehabilitation facility.  However, she began causing a disturbance inside the vehicle, including trying to jump from the car, which prompted officers to return to the courthouse to get assistance with the unruly prisoner, officials said.

After pulling into the sally port under the courthouse, she tried to flee on foot.  She was captured on Second Street moments later by jail staff.

One of the officers who was chasing after the 24 year-old inmate tripped and fell resulting in a serious head injury.

Perry was charged with felony escape from jail and felony assault on a law enforcement officer causing injury.