Inmate Tosses Urine On Two People

An inmate in the Johnston County Jail is facing charges after she allegedly tossed urine onto two other prisoners.

The incident happened around 6:00am Thursday inside a female cellblock at the county jail.

The inmate, Deborah Allen Campbell, 54, of the 12000 block of Buffalo Road, Clayton is accused of urinating in a cup then throwing the urine on a 22 year-old inmate and a 32 year-old inmate.

Campbell who had been brought into the jail a short time early to be held until sober was charged with two counts of assault.


  1. She’s an idiot…..and yes, I know her!! She has a great Mama, so I know she was raised better than that. I feel so sorry for her Mama.

    • You can’t hold parents responsible for a persons actions. I know people who go both ways, some who had everything they ever wanted including the love and attention of their parents who turned out strung out on drugs and barely able to hold a job. Meanwhile one who was abused as a child by their parents turned into a responsible man that was known by many to be dependable and honest with a very good job.

      It all comes down to the person and what they choose for themselves. It is a shame for the good parents when their kids choose the wrong way to live.

      • I am in no way blaming her Mom, she is an absolutely awesome woman. What I am saying is that Debbie is an idiot, as well as her sister, and that I feel so bad for their Mom because I know for a fact that she raised them better than this.

      • Amen,tell it honey. Not enough ppl hear that anymore. They point the finger at the parents 1st.

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