JCI Sampson County Success With Carlie C’s!

(Left to right) Anahi D is a bagger at Carlie C’s IGA in Clinton, NC. She is pictured with JCI Employment Specialist Brooke Danks. Contributed photo

Anahi D. is a bagger at Carlie C’s Deli in Clinton.  Anahi was hired by Manager Ross McDuffie through working with JCI.  She has been employed for a year and has achieved many goals and continues to be successful.  Carlie C’s has been working with JCI for two years, hiring people in need of employment.

“Brooke and I went to a lot of different places looking for a job,” Anahi said  “We searched for a couple of months. After interviewing at Carlie C’s, I was hired.  This job is a good fit for me. I like working with customers and helping them out.  My co-workers help me when it gets busy, so I don’t fall behind.”

“I have learned how to smile and talk to the customers to make them feel welcome.  I want to thank Ms. Brooke and JCI for helping find this job.  This job has helped me to be able to support my mom and my sister; we all have to work together,” said Anahi.

Anahi D (right) with a co-worker Ashley (left). Contributed photo

Brooke Danks, JCI Employment Specialist said, “Anahi gets a lot of compliments.  The staff appreciates how helpful she is.  The week she was hired was the week Hurricane Matthew came through and Anahi was a great help because, of course, there were lots of customers shopping that week.  She worked extra hours and came in early when needed.  She also helps new hires from JCI feel comfortable, so they do not feel different from other employees and a part of the team.  I am proud of Ahahi and thankful for Carlie C’s. I love my job because I get to help people succeed.”

Career & Workforce Development Services are designed to help individuals establish career pathways and secure and maintain employment in the six counties we serve. Thank you to our partners NCDVR, MCOs, NC DHHS & other providers, without these partnerships we could not achieve our mission.

-JCI News Release