JCSO: Student Threatens School Shooting

Clayton-High-School-insideA high school student has been arrested after he reportedly posted a threat on social media about a shooting at his school.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) received a tip late-Friday about the posting which allegedly read, “Ready to shoot up the high school.”    Investigators said the threat was made by 16 year-old Tyler Baxter, a student at Clayton High School.

Baxter was located at his home on Canyon Road near Clayton around 4:30pm Friday and taken into custody. He was charged with a single felony count of making a false report of mass violence on educational property.  Officials said they did not have any evidence Baxter was planning on carrying out the threat but are treating the incident very seriously.

The shooting threat was unrelated to the arrest of Anthony Shane Jenkins, 16, of Dairy Road, Clayton. Jenkins was arrested on the campus of Clayton High School on Friday after school resource officers said they caught the teen with a 25 caliber handgun and bullets. Jenkins was charged with felony possession of a weapon on educational property. Officials are still investigating where Jenkins obtained the firearm and ammunition.