Johnston County Board Of Elections Appointments

The State Board of Elections appointed four members to all 100 county boards of elections – the latest class of elections officials working to administer and safeguard elections.

“We are happy to welcome new members to North Carolina’s elections team,” said Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board in a June 29 news release. “Together, we will continue to ensure that our elections are accessible, safe, and secure, and that every eligible vote counts.”

In Johnston County, Republicans Deborah Zink and John Shallcross Jr. were appointed. Democrats Shirley Bell and Deborah Hooker were also appointed.

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Every two years, state statute requires the State Board to appoint four members, two from each leading party, to the county boards of elections. Gov. Roy Cooper will appoint the fifth member, who will serve as chair. Board members serve two-year terms, which expire in July 2023.

The state chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties recommended three registered voters in each county for appointment. The State Board appointed two of those individuals from each party. Each appointment is contingent on the nominee having properly completed an application and agreeing not to engage in prohibited political speech while serving on the county board.