Johnston County EMS Taking Over Selma EMS Operations

The Selma EMS Board of Directors has announced Selma EMS will be closing on July 1st. It will be taken over by Johnston County EMS.

Selma EMS has been an active and visible part of the community since 1972.

“As with many organizations, the passage of time creates circumstances that warrant changes for the betterment of the community,” according to a statement released late Wednesday by the Selma EMS Board. “After a meeting by the Board of Directors, it has been decided that Selma EMS will officially transition to the Johnston County EMS system, effective July 1, 2017.  This transition is a continued effort by Johnston County officials to slowly bring all agencies under the Johnston County EMS umbrella, without causing an undue financial burden on the citizens of Johnston County.”

Officials said the Selma EMS Board of Directors and Johnston County officials have been engaged in merger talks about this merger for several months. Given the fact the current contract with the County expires in July 2018, the Board determined that the timing was in the best interest of the organization.”

Selma EMS will continue to provide emergency medical services through July 1st.

Johnston County Manager Rick Hester said, “Selma EMS has served their community with excellence for many, many years. We owe a great deal of thanks to Selma EMS, and look forward to a seamless transition period.”

Hester said current Selma EMS employees will be given the opportunity to apply for new jobs with Johnston County EMS.  The estimated net annual cost to the county to assume Selma EMS operations is about $800,000 a year after factoring in anticipated billing revenues.

After July 1st, only two other contract agencies are left in the county that provide emergency medical service. They are Four Oaks EMS and 50-210 EMS.