Johnston County Issues Warning To Homeowners With Private Wells

Johnston County government issued a warning Thursday afternoon to homeowners with private wells in northern and western Johnston County.

“In light of the recent news release concerning well testing in Wake County in which uranium, radon and radium levels were detected, the Johnston County Health Department is advising of potential private water well contamination in Northern and Western Johnston County.”

Citizens are directed to visit the Johnston County Environmental Health Department website for additional information and resources.

“This notice ONLY applies to citizens within the impacted areas that have a private drinking water well,” the news release stated. “Johnston County citizens that pay a water bill or have public water are not affected.”

Earlier this week, approximately 19,000 Wake County residents were notified about potential contaminated wells in eastern Wake County.

Both counties are encouraging residents with private wells to have them tested.

“If your well water is tested and confirmed to be contaminated with a toxic level of uranium, radon and/or radium, then stop consumption immediately,” according to the Johnston County website. “Consume only bottled water until the issue is resolved. A water treatment system that uses reverse osmosis or anion exchange can be installed. Another option is to disconnect from the well and connect to pubic water where available.”

Officials said uranium, radon and radium is naturally occurring in rocks in the ground and can possibly contaminate groundwater wells.

Residents in Johnston County can also contact the Environmental Health Department at 919-989-5180 for more information.