Johnston County Water System Update

This information is for Johnston County Public Utilities Customers with metered services (not for other towns or private water systems) and is being provided should you experience low water pressure or no water during the Hurricane Florence event.

Electricity is not required for your county water service or to flush toilets.  However, water main breaks related to storm impacts may cause service interruptions.

Prepare for potential water service interruptions by filling sinks and tubs with water and fill containers with tap water now for drinking later.

When water is restored, we will issue a boil water advisory for specific streets and addresses by automated call out. However, if you do not receive a call but you experience low pressure or no water at any time, please boil your tap water for drinking.

A Boil Water Advisory is a public notification informing water customers to boil their tap water before using it for drinking purposes. Tap water should be boiled vigorously for at least one full minute prior to use. The minute starts when the water begins to bubble. Water should be boiled for the following uses: drinking, cooking, ice making, washing dishes, brushing teeth, preparing food or drinks, and water for animals. Wait for the water to cool before using or store in the refrigerator in a clean container. Do not use water from any appliance connected to your water lines. Boiling removes any harmful bacteria in the water that may cause illness.  Continue to follow the boil water advisory until notified by Public Utilities that water is safe to drink.

To report any water service problem, please call 919-989-5075 for assistance and further instructions.  Field technicians will respond to calls as soon as it is safe for them to do so.  Water services will not be disconnected during emergency events for non-payment.

Please visit our website at for operating hours.