Johnston Health Ambassador Passionate About Sterilization Process

At left and right, CEO Chuck Elliott and surgical services director Lynn King congratulate Heida Moore on being named Johnston Health Ambassador of the Month. In addition to a parking sign and designated spot, she will receive eight hours of paid time off.

Heida Moore of Princeton has been named the Johnston Health Ambassador of the Month. She is supervisor of the hospital’s sterile processing department.

During a recent presentation, CEO Chuck Elliott said Moore leads a department whose work is largely behind scenes, yet so important to patient safety.

“She has a positive attitude, a commitment to doing the right thing, and a desire to assist and teach,” he said. “When she sees a process that could or should be improved, she brings it to our attention, even though it may lead to additional work for her department.”

Moore started as a technician in the department eight years ago, and accepted a promotion to supervisor in 2014. Prior to her stint with Johnston Health, she worked in retail and in children’s day care.

“I like the challenges of the work,” she says. “I love the organization and our team. They’re a great group of people all the way around.”

The department is made up of a dozen employees. Their role is to sterilize the instruments and scopes used in procedures and surgeries, which range from endoscopies to breast biopsies to complex surgeries such as joint replacements.

Through the ambassador program, Johnston Health recognizes employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. They deliver quality care, foster teamwork and offer excellent service.

In addition to a designated month-long parking space, Moore will receive eight hours of paid time off.

She and her husband, Chester, have a grown son and a grandson.