Johnston Students Given Alternatives To Nationally Planned Walkouts

Johnston County Public Schools principals have developed innovative alternatives to the nationally planned student walkouts organized after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSDHS) in Parkland, Fla.

Principals, school staff, and student leaders have organized different options for students to have their voices heard at each of the 46 public schools in Johnston County.

One example of an alternative method of expression happening at South Johnston High is a scheduled Week of Unity this week: March 12-16. Each day of the week South Johnston High will feature a different activity for the students to participate in. The objective of each activity is the same: to give students a voice during tumultuous times.

Some of the activities planned at SJHS include teachers and administrators distributing notes of encouragement and inspiration to students. Students plan to show their support for MSDHS by wearing red and gray, their school’s colors. Students will also assemble on the football field to hold a Moment of Silence and release balloons in honor of those affected.

Similar events are planned across the county.

West Johnston High School will observe Kindness Week March 19-23. Teachers and students are working together to send cards, banners, and messages of love and support to the staff and students at MSDHS.

These are just some examples of the proactive measures taking place. Each public school in Johnston County is actively working to make sure the voices of all of their students and staff are heard, and that there are constructive avenues of expression put in place.

“We know that students don’t leave their Constitutional rights at the school door, but as a learning institution, it is our obligation and duty to teach our young people how to approach problems with intention and a goal of resolution,” said Johnston County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ross Renfrow. “That starts with communication, engagement, and productive interaction.”