Johnston To Consolidate 12 Voting Precincts

The Johnston County Board of Elections has decided to consolidate 12 voting precincts.

The decision, made during a meeting last week, affects precincts with large early voting numbers, said elections Director Leigh Anne Price.

Vote-Logo-FI“With these precincts, we usually have a light turnout on Election Day because of the early voting,” she explained.

The combinations are  — North Clayton 1 and 2, West Clayton 1 and 2, North Cleveland 1 and 2, North Smithfield 1 and 2, Archer Lodge and Flowers Plantation and Southeast Cleveland and Southwest Cleveland.

Most precincts will retain a familiar location, said Ms. Price, however, the North Clayton, West Clayton and Southeast/Southwest Cleveland consolidations will be new locations.

The plan was submitted to the State Board of Elections Monday and Ms. Price said she expects to receive confirmation about the consolidation within two weeks.

Should the plan be approved, Johnston County will slim down its precincts from 36 to 30.  Story by The Daily Record