Joyner Named 2015-16 Teacher Of The Year

        Angela Joyner      Teacher of The Year

Angela Joyner, a fifth grade English/language arts and social studies teacher at Grantham Middle, has been selected as the Wayne County Public Schools (WCPS) 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made Tuesday night at the annual Teacher of the Year Banquet held at Lane Tree Golf Club and Conference Center.

Mrs. Joyner has 24 years of teaching experience, with 4 years spent in her present position while located at Grantham School. This veteran educator states she knew since Kindergarten that she would one day become a teacher.

“On my very first day of school, I got off the bus and told my mother ‘I want to be a teacher when I grow up,’” states Mrs. Joyner. “I remember that my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Reaves taught both my class and a group of first graders. During nap time on the first day, I was so excited to be at school that I couldn’t sleep and I stayed up listening to her read a book to her first graders. The curiosity grew into a love of learning.”

As her teachers did for her, Mrs. Joyner’s states it is her goal to help her students develop a life-long passion for learning. To accomplish this goal, she works to engage students through her lessons and enhance the classroom experience for students through data driven instructional strategies.

“It is the teacher’s job to engage students in relevant topics that will inspire independent discovery. I believe that literacy and critical thinking, along with effort, are the keys to creating independence. Therefore, I see my role as a facilitator or guide to help my students develop the necessary skills to reach their potential in all areas of life,” adds Mrs. Joyner.

In addition to seeking to make a difference in her classroom, Mrs. Joyner’s leadership responsibilities at Grantham Middle include direct involvement in the decision making process regarding school improvement strategies, processes, guidelines, and policies.

“Mrs. Joyner is a highly respected educator,” states Lisa Tart, Grantham Middle principal. “Her comprehensive knowledge of educational research and myriad of educational experiences equips her with the necessary expertise to lead discussions and/or change at the school, district and state level.”

Mrs. Joyner holds a bachelor’s degree in middle grades education with concentrations in English, language arts and social studies.

“With so many great teachers leading our classrooms, selecting just one individual to represent Wayne County Public Schools as a Teacher of the Year is a difficult process for the selection committee,” said SuperintendentDr. Michael Dunsmore. “Mrs. Joyner has demonstrated that she is a dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, and inspiring teacher whose impact on public education reaches well beyond her own classroom. We congratulate her on this outstanding achievement and wish her the very best in the next stage of the Teacher of the Year competition.”

Mrs. Joyner will now advance to the regional Teacher of the Year competition. In addition, as the WCPS Teacher of the Year, she will receive a $1,500 check and a $5,000 Worldview Travel/Study Award to be used to travel outside the United States.

The district’s Teacher of the Year finalists, Holly Medlin from Northeast Elementary School and Steven Thorne from Charles B. Aycock High will each receive a $4,000 travel/study stipend.