June 2020 County Board Appointments

Johnston County Commissioners made the following appointments during their June 2020 monthly meeting:
  • Bentonville Community Building Board of Trustees – James Q. Beasley (reappointed)
  • Child Fatality Prevention Team – Christina Peterson (reappointed)
  • Johnston Community College Board of Trustees – Josh Thompson
  • Johnston County Board of Health – Dr. Justin Barbaro (reappointed)
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council – Maurice Atkinson, Thomas E. Glithero, Gary Wayne Carter (all reappointed)
  • Library Board of Trustees – Debbie Armstrong Cobb (reappointed), Thomas E. Glithero
  • Nursing Home / Adult Care Home Community Advisory Board – Chad R. Thompson (reappointed)
  • Social Services Board – Jennifer Whitley (reappointed)
  • Voluntary Agricultural District Advisory Board – Myron Smith, James Thomas Vinson Jr. (both reappointed)
  • Eastern Regional Housing Board – Sandra Norris (reappointed)
  • Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee – April Barbour-Matthews, Donald Banks Wallace (both reappointed)
  • Fire Protection District Commissions
    McLemore – Don R. Well (reappointed)
    Micro – Johnny Dixon (reappointed)