Junior Women’s League Raises $10,000 For Boys And Girls Club

(Left to right) Junior Women’s League Board Members Amber Stancil, Carson Cataliotti, Meredith Fordham, Jessica Davis, Nanda Jones, and Leanna Williams and Big Night Out Chair Nicole Layden, along with Boys and Girls Clubs of Johnston County representatives Mamie Moore, Jean Kelly, and Tammy Mitchell, who are holding the check. Photo: Suzanne Brewer Photography

Last Saturday, the Junior Women’s League (JWL) of Smithfield set sail with their guests at the Johnston County Agricultural Center for JWL’s second annual Big Night Out gala fundraiser.

In front of 200 attendees, the League’s Board of Directors proudly presented a check for $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Johnston County to support the implementation of the SMART Girls curriculum. The SMART Girls program combines informational and experiential learning activities to help young ladies within Johnston County develop the knowledge and skills necessary to practice healthy lifestyle choices, impact their community, and develop leadership skills that will follow them into adulthood.

Recent studies have found that every dollar invested in Boys and Girls Clubs returns $9.60 in current and future earnings and cost-savings to American communities.

“The Junior Women’s League has been an amazing support to the Boys and Girls Club this year. The funds raised from their Big Night Out event will help us to expand our SMART Girls program and ensure that the future women leaders of Johnston County are equipped with necessary leadership skills to help them succeed. We are excited to see what the future has in store for JWL and look forward to continuing to partner with them for years to come,” said Mamie Moore, Center Director for the Boys and Girls Club of Johnston County.

“The support from our communities was incredible. Local businesses joined forces with JWL to support the futures of young women in Johnston County and over 200 community members donated through the purchase of tickets.  Johnston County’s commitment to ensuring that our future generations have the  necessary skills to positively impact their communities is inspiring. JWL is grateful for the outpouring of support. Big Night Out was a celebration of the hard work of our members and the many successes of JWL during our second service year,” said Jessica Davis, League president.