Kerosene Spill Reported In Clayton

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Photo by John Payne

CLAYTON – State officials are investigating a reported accidental kerosene oil spill in Clayton. The spill occurred Saturday and released approximately 2,000 gallons into a creek.

Town of Clayton officials said the spill occurred from a “private entity” on Main Street. Officials said the “private entity” contacted a professional hazmat clean up company, HEPACO, to assess and clean up the area. According to a statement, “The company has been working around the clock to mitigate the effects of the release.”

Photo by John Payne

The Clayton Fire Department coordinated with Johnston County Emergency Management to report the release to the state.

“This is an unfortunate event. However, there are polices and protocols in place to address these types of situations. The town, the private entity, the county, and the state will continue to collaborate on clean-up efforts. The health and safety of our residents remains a top priority,” said Nathanael Shelton, Communication Director for the Town of Clayton.

The spill is in the vicinity of Clayton High School.

Clayton officials would not say which company was responsible for the spill. WRAL reported T.R. Lee Oil & LP Gas Company was located at the intersection of W. Main and N. Robertson Street.


  1. These are good people. No fine necessary. Read the cause of the issue: accidental due to Hurricane Ian.

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