KS Bank President Honored at NCBA Convention

KS Bank President and CEO Harold Keen.

At the closing banquet of the North Carolina Bankers Association’s (NCBA) 121st Annual Convention, Smithfield-based KS Bank President and CEO Harold Keen was presented the NCBA Political Leadership Award.

The NCBA Political Leadership Award recognizes a banker who has demonstrated leadership in the area of advocacy on behalf of North Carolina’s banking industry.

Mr. Keen is a past NCBA Chairman, a member of the NCBA Legislative and Regulatory Committee, a faithful supporter of the NC BankPAC, a regular participant in the annual NCBA Washington Bank Caucus and an
extraordinary leader in his bank and in his community.

He has served multiple terms on the NCBA board of directors and now chairs the NCBA Scholarship Committee. His wife, Barbara, was present for the presentation.