Latest Poll Shows Backing For NC Bond Vote

A new Civitas Poll shows that a majority of likely Democratic voters and a plurality of likely Republican voters support the $2 billion infrastructure referendum on the March 15th ballot.

The boCivitas-FInd proposal gained high levels of support in both parties even though a majority of voters believe the passage of the bond will likely increase their taxes.

The polling surveyed 500 likely Republican and 500 Democrat voters who were asked if they would support the bond.

Among Democrats,  66 percent said they would vote for the bond, 14% would vote against, while 19 percent said they were still undecided. 

Regardless of how they planned to vote, 67 percent of Democrats survey participants believe if the referendum passes taxes will increase to pay for the bond. 

Among Republican voters, 42 percent support the bond, and 35 percent are opposed.  Seventy-six percent of Republicans believe the bond will increase taxes.