Lightning Strikes Four Oaks Area Home

Lightning struck a home outside of Four Oaks on Monday.  Around 4:00pm during an intense thunderstorm lightning struck a residence on Green Way near the Reedy Creek Golf Course.

Prior to the storm, a woman living at the address made a quick trip to the store. When she returned she found that her garage door opener would not work. When she went into the house she discovered that nothing worked.

Lightning had struck a tree in the backyard, jumped to the aluminum fascia board trim, circled the eve of the home, blown a hole in the wall above the electrical panel box, destroyed some of the circuit breakers, gone out through the Spectrum distribution box on the outside wall and blown apart the Spectrum pedestal on the road as well as the neighbors Spectrum box mounted on the wall of their house.

A neighbor from another street said that when their house shook they thought there had been a “huge explosion” and was surprised to find that it had just been a lighting strike.

The Elevation Fire Department responded but other than a small area of vinyl siding and scorched areas on the fascia board, the home did not burn.

The American Red Cross responded to the scene to assist the residents.  No injuries were reported.

Photos by John Payne