Local Church Aims To Feed Needy Smithfield-Selma School Students Over Christmas Break

It’s often hard to imagine that hunger is a problem in our local community. We tend to associate hunger with third-world nations. Not with the United States, North Carolina or even Johnston County.

And yet among the eight Smithfield-Selma area schools, 84% of children are on either free or reduced rate lunch, with three of these schools topping 90% of children.

What does that mean?

Simply this: That these children have to eat school lunch because they do not have access to lunch from home, often because their parents simply can’t afford it.

This creates a tremendous challenge for these families when schools are on break. And with the Christmas break right around the corner, many children are faced with the prospect of going without during the two weeks away from school.

This is a tremendous need in our community. And there’s a way you can help.

This Saturday, December 9 beginning at 10:00am at Smithfield Middle School, LifeSpring Church of Smithfield will be hosting an event called Generosity Feeds. During this time, you are invited to come and help package 10,000 meals in two hours. These meals which will be sent home with Smithfield-Selma area school children for when they leave for Christmas Break.

“Local hunger is a tremendous issue in the greater Smithfield area,” said Dillon Schupp, the lead pastor at LifeSpring. “And while we can’t solve it overnight, when we have the opportunity to do something that will make a tangible difference in the lives of families in our community, it’s our responsibility as a local church to step up and make it happen.”

Anyone and everyone can volunteer for this event. You can find out more information at www.feedsmithfield.org or for questions you can email LifeSpring Church at hello@lifespringnc.com