Local Support Provides Success For JCI Client

Daniel Valentin has been attending JCI’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program since 2016.  He was referred to JCI from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to receive additional support in learning to communicate his needs and desires more effectively.

Daniel has maintained employment for over two years at JCI’s Thrift Store and Donation Center with the support of JCI ’s Behavioral Health Services Team and his peers.  He received encouragement and praise during challenging times and achieved the ability to focus on his goals, avoid distractors and invest in himself.

He set both long term and short term goals and participated in services which have taught him how to take responsibility for his desires in life and how to achieve them through recovery-oriented practices.  Among the many goals, Daniel has completed enrollment in Harris Barber College in Raleigh, NC and began his studies in this month.

Daniel researched and visited the college and said that Judy Gustafson his VR Rehabilitation Counselor played an important part to help him follow his dreams and JCI’s PSR and IPS services also assisted by keeping him focused and on task.

“Since day one there has been the follow-up on anything I wanted to do and anything I needed help with, this has been a big help for me to transition from the program to barber school,” said Daniel.

John Jones, PSR Supervisor, asked Daniel how he was dealing with the potential stress of something new in his life and Daniel said with the support of his family, his peers in the program, and the JCI staff that he feels he will be successful.  Daniel will continue participating in the program once a week, not twice, to receive support with his new career and continued success with communication of his goals and needs.

“I have noticed that my peers are happy for me and I think my accomplishment is helping them to realize that their dreams can come true too.  I recommend  JCI’s Behavioral Health Services, even if a person is uncertain of what they need help with because their needs will be pinpointed and addressed, and they will be successful,” said Daniel.

John thanked Daniel for his attendance and his assistance in teaching language skills and also for being a role model for the group.  “We wish you all the luck in the world and will help you with continued success on your path,” said John.

-JCI News Release