Local Woman Loses $25,910 In Scam

A Johnston County woman lost more than $25,000 in a scam last week prompting authorities to issue a warning.

The victim said there was a pop-up on her computer screen advising her of a software issue with her computer. She called a telephone number on the popup and was told she would need to give them remote access to her computer.

After the scammers obtained remote access they convinced the victim to send a payment with a pre-paid credit card for repair services.  During the course of the scam the victim sent $15,910 in pre-paid store-bought credit cards.  And while the scammers had access to her computer, authorities say they were also able to transfer an additional $10,000 out of her bank account.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Captain Jeff Caldwell said anytime payment is requested via a pre-paid credit card it is a scam.

Last month, a Kenly senior citizen fell victim to a similar scam which cost her $500.  Greg Narron, owner of GooRoo Computers in Pine Level, said you will never get a message on your computer to call Microsoft.  If you get a phone call from someone claiming they want to help you solve an issue with your computer, or claim your computer has been hacked, hang up the phone.   If you suspect a problem with your computer, take it to a reputable computer repair shop.  Narron also recommends to call your bank and have them monitor for any suspicious activity.