Looking for some family fun? You can search for the hiding elephants!

SMITHFIELD – What began as a riddle has turned into an idea to give people some incentive to get out and exercise, enjoy nature and explore the Buffalo Creek Greenway.  Smithfield Parks and Recreation Director Gary Johnson says it’s the great Buffalo Creek Greenway Elephant Hunt.

“The Elephants are ‘hiding in the trees’ on the Buffalo Creek Greenway,” Johnson says. “They are located between Bob Wallace Jaycee Kiddie Park and the Amphitheater, between the boat ramp and water plant and between Smithfield Community Park and the first foot bridge closest to the Community Park on the greenway.”

Johnson says there are 25 hidden elephants altogether. They will be in place through at least early fall for you to find.

Families are encouraged to visit the locations, find and take photos of the elephants then post them on the parks and recreation social media page.  Be on the lookout for the hiding elephants the next time you travel the greenway!