Man Charged With Breaking Into Home, Starting Fire

A Clayton man has been arrested after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home on Easter Sunday then started a fire that burned the victims property and a neighbors.

Patrick Francis Brennan Jr., 47, of Post Oak Court, Clayton was reportedly involved a verbal altercation with a woman on the telephone.  Around Noon, Brennan reportedly drove to the 47 year-old victims home on Plantation Road and kicked in the back door. The woman retreated to a bedroom where he also kicked in the bedroom door. She then hid in a bathroom.

Brennan allegedly went outside the home and torched the victims storage barn. Deputies said he sent the woman a text message asking her to look outside to see the fire.

A concerned citizen saw the fire and called 911. Flames quickly spread to a second barn on the woman’s property, then burned through a small wooded area before engulfing a neighbors barn.  Fire crews were able to contain the fire before it caused any additional damage.

Brennan was located passed out on the porch of a nearby home. He was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies and later charged with two counts of first-degree arson and one count of breaking and entering.

He was jailed under a $150,000 bond.

No injuries were reported.  Authorities said the incident was domestic related.