Man Kills Dogs Attacking Livestock

A Four Oaks man shot and killed two dogs attacking his livestock. The incident happened around 5:00am Tuesday.

The 38 year-old man said he was in the process of leaving his home on Berea Church Road to go to work when he heard a commotion coming from outside where his livestock were kept.

The man went to check on his animals and discovered they were being attacked by two dogs.  The man shot and killed the two dogs to stop the attack but not before they had killed a goat, chicken and two rabbits. A second goat sustained serious injuries.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and took a report about the incident.  Authorities said the dogs belonged to someone living nearby.

Officers said the victim is working with the owner of the dogs to attempt to be reimbursed for the damages.  The deceased livestock was valued at $360.