Man Loses Money During “Empty Box” Scam

Johnston County authorities are investigating an “empty box” scam that cost a local resident his money.

Tuesday afternoon, the 22 year-old victim was leaving a business at the I-40/NC42 interchange in the Cleveland community when he was approached in the parking lot by a person offering to sell discounted TV’s and electronic merchandise.

The victim agreed to pay $120 for a box reportedly containing expensive new speakers.  After the suspect was given the money he handed over the box and quickly left the area.

When the victim opened the box, it contained a brick but no speakers.

The scam is widespread nationwide but this appears to be the first report in Johnston County in sometime.

Law enforcement officers warn that the goods the suspects are selling are likely cheaply made, counterfeit or stolen and in some cases, like this one, the box is empty.

No arrests have been made in the incident.