Man Serving Time For Operating Meth Lab Caught With Drugs In Prison

A Johnston County man sentenced to 11 years in the NC Department of Corrections is facing new charges.

Van Buren Killette Jr. 33, of Beulahtown Road, Kenly is currently being held at Johnston Correctional Institute on US70 near Smithfield. On April 13th, prison guards reportedly found marijuana in his possession and contacted the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division.

Following a weeklong investigation, Killette has been charged with possession of a controlled substance in prison and possession with intent to manufacture sell or deliver marijuana.  Both charges are felonies.

Killette is serving time after being convicted of being a habitual felon and for an active meth lab found on Thistle Drive near Selma in November 2014.  According to the NC Department of Corrections website, Killette has had 14 infractions since being incarcerated.

The Kenly man has prior convictions for burglary, kidnapping, robbery with a dangerous weapon, larceny, and manufacturing a controlled substance.


  1. I’ll be the be 1st 1 to admit my kids dad isn’t a saint by any means…but they came on a tad bit strong id After a week long investigation, really wow, I mean he in prison, an u found weed on him, not to hard to figure out it was ok I get chargin him with possession of a controlled substance in prison..BUT REALLY possession with intent to manufacture sell or deliver marijuana..that’s a lil much

    • Well shug,it’s bad enough he’s in prison. You would think he would atleast learn something from that,but now they’ve caught weed in his cell. Yes a little harsh a the charges trying to sell and deliver,and manufacturing. But maybe he will learn from this one.

      • Haha that’s funny, no shug he aint learned anything im sure. If he hasn’t learned after 11 yrs total in an out of prison he ain’t ever gna learn. Like I said I’m not saying hes a saint nor taking up for him at all, but they really had to make a big write up on this bs. How bout worrying bout the ones on the streets an talking bout that ya know. Or joco report get your facts straight when you write stuff up, an not make it up. Think of the kids at school an/or their parents read this an what does joco report think is going to be said about an to my kids..I wish for our kids he would learn shug, but i know it wont. I hate it

        • Yes,it’s bad for your kid’s girl.
          But they have you and that’s a great thang☺. Just keep ur head held high and be a great role model for your kid’s.

  2. On a 2nd note 1st he’s not pulling 11 yrs that’s how long his been in prison. 2nd joco report read what u write, he got locked up,along with 2 others, November 12, 2014, he was supposed to get out 3/17/2019, do the math, 5yrs not 11. Now the way this is wrote he’s just a hardcore criminal, the kidnappin, burglary, robbery with a weapon, was all one time, not saying that’s ok but, again him an 3 others was arrested for that. Our boys are 16 an 14 year old as if it’s not bad enough their dad’s been gone almost they whole life you have to tell his whole life story over sum bs weed. Thanks kids at school don’t pick on people or talk about other kids anymore, right.

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