Marijuana Discovered Inside JCS Central Office

Smithfield Police have confirmed they are investigating a narcotics incident at Johnston County Schools Central Office at 2320 Highway 70 East.

Police said they were notified Thursday by interim superintendent Dr. Ben Williams that marijuana was located inside the office building. Police responded and took possession of 1.3 grams of marijuana that was located by a school janitor while cleaning.

The Central Office does have a secured entryway and security cameras.  Visitors are also required to sign in when entering and leaving the public building.

Chief of Communications Dolores Gill said,  “On Thursday, it was noted that a bag of a substance (appearance of marijuana) was laying on the floor of the hallway. As you know, this is a building which is visited frequently.  This was reported by Dr. Williams to law enforcement to investigate. This investigation is in the hands of law enforcement at this time. All of our visitors to the building must enter through our controlled access doorway and then electronically sign in to document their visit on the site.”

“JCPS is fully cooperating with law enforcement to ensure that any information that they need to investigate is provided to them. It is important to allow law enforcement to complete their investigation and we appreciate their prompt assistance,” Gill said in an email.

Police Captain R. Sheppard said the marijuana was seized and police are still investigating the incident.