Mayor Breaks Tie Vote On Controversial Rezoning

Crump-Street-Lot-FISmithfield Mayor John Lampe had to break a tie vote between the Smithfield Town Council on a rezoning request for one-tenth of an acre of land.

The Council deadlocked 3-to-3 on whether to rezone a 0.113 acre tract of lane at the intersection of Brogden Road and South Fifth Street from residential zoning to business zoning. 

McFayden and Company LLC owns a 1.69 acre tract at the intersection which includes three nonconforming business uses. Those businesses include the Crazy Taco Restaurant, Jesus Automotive Repair and the LaBamba nightclub.  The property owner requested approval to divide out a  0.113 acre portion of the property to create a buildable residential lot facing Crump Street.

The request went before the Smithfield Planning Board of Sept. 3rd and passed by a vote of 4-to-2. Two planning board members abstained from voting.

The town council was divided on whether the rezoning would be compatible with neighborhood.

The council deadlocked in a 3-to-3 vote, broken by Mayor John Lampe who supported the rezoning.  Mayor Lampe is rarely called upon to break tie votes as the board is made up of 7 members. However, Councilman Roger Wood was absent from the meeting.