Mayor John Lampe Will Not Seek Second Term

Mayor John Lampe Will Not Seek Second Term
Mayor John Lampe

In an exclusive interview with WTSB News, Smithfield Mayor John Lampe has announced he will not seek re-election this year. Lampe is currently serving his first term as mayor.

Lampe said the main reason he will not seek a second term is because his business is picking up and will be traveling more in 2016.  Lampe says the current town council “is full of good quality people” and the town is running smoothly.  “Now is a good time for a new Mayor to take over as there are no problems.”

Lampe praised Council members Perry Harris and Emery Ashley for doing a great job on fiscal controls, adding the town is in good financial shape.

Mayor Lampe had previously served 8 years as a town council member.  

“My business is finally picking up after a hard five years and needs me,” Lampe told WTSB. “I’ll be traveling more and it will be hard to make the meetings as Mayor when I’m on the road. It’s a great time for some new blood on the board as the Town is in good shape due to the hard work of a lot of staff and council members. If anyone wanted to try their hand at some local politics, which can be a lot of fun, now would be a great time to do so.”

Lampe pointed out to anyone who might be interested in running for mayor that they would get a nice office at the town hall and $6,500 a year.

He credited a stable management staff as one of the reasons why the town now “pretty much runs itself.” 

The filing period for the 2015 municipal elections begins at 8am on Monday, July 6th and will remain open until Friday, July 17th at 12 Noon.