McGee’s Middle Students Take A Bite Out Of Potential Careers

McGee’s Crossroads Middle School students Arianna Farrior (left) and Azra Porter (right) raise their hands to ask Capt. Penny questions about his profession as a firefighter.

McGee’s Crossroads Middle School students are sitting down with career professionals during lunch to discuss how what they learn in the classroom translates to the working world.

The school has started a new initiative called the Career Cafe, which invites parents and community members to come and speak with students about their professions in the school’s media center over lunch.

The Career Cafe is a more personalized form of a career day and allows students to sign up to hear from the visiting speakers that interest them. The setting allows students to ask questions, engage with the presenter, and have a closer view of a particular career.

“Our school has brought the vision of JOCO 2020 to life for our students through Career Cafe,” said McGee’s Crossroads Middle Principal Dorlisa Johnson. “It’s the perfect opportunity for students to make connections between what they are learning in school with the real world in a relevant and innovative way. We are thankful to have parent volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to make this happen for our students.”

Davey Penny, Raleigh Fire Department Captain, said he sees the importance of speaking to students early about potential careers. Penny has visited the MCMS Career Cafe twice this school year. His presentations have focused on real life applications of math, science, and technology.

“I wish I had someone who was willing to come into my school and speak to me when I was younger and light that fire in me. I think it’s great what the school is doing here,” said Capt. Penny.

Arianna Farrior, MCMS student, said she enjoyed the Career Cafe so much that this was her second time hearing from Capt. Penny.

“Capt. Penny is so enthusiastic when he comes and speaks with us. You can’t help but get excited about this opportunity,” said Farrior.

The school has provided these opportunities for students several times throughout the year. School counselors are always seeking community involvement. Those interested in being a guest speaker can contact the school at 919-894-6003 for more information.