Medical Guest Discusses COPD

Dr. Mir Mumtaz Ali, MD
Dr. Mir Mumtaz Ali, MD

Dr. Mir Mumtaz Ali, MD was a medical guest of WTSB Radio on Thursday, June 18. He is a Board Certified pulmonologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract.

Dr. Ali’s practice, Smithfield Pulmonology, has helped individuals suffering from respiratory diseases from simple coughs to severe lung infections.

Dr. Ali was interviewed by Lynda Carroll. The topics discussed were COPD and asthma.

Dr. Ali said that although smoking is a main cause of developing COPD later in life, many other factors can contribute to this disease. Some of those factors might include second-hand smoke, pollution, construction work, dust, chemicals, industrial work, etc.  He stated that wearing a simple mask in many occupations is a smart precaution. Others topics discussed were emphysema, pet dander, and COPD symptoms.

Dr. Ali can be reached for an appointment at 919-989-1800. His office is located in Smithfield at 706 Wilkins Street. He is affiliated with Johnston Health in Smithfield and Clayton.