Michelle Ball To Seek 2nd Term As Clerk Of Superior Court

“It is hard to believe that I have had the honor of serving as Johnston County’s Clerk of Superior Court for the past 3 years.”  These are the words of the current Clerk, Michelle Creech Ball, when asked about her first term in office.  “My first term has flown by and I am just as excited today to serve as I was on December 1, 2014, when I first took my oath of office.”

Mrs. Ball announced today (Tuesday) she plans to file next week for reelection for her second term and hopes to receive the support of Johnston County to continue her service.  She and her staff of 43 employees work for the North Carolina Judicial Branch in the Johnston County Clerk’s office.  The office is divided into five divisions, criminal, civil, civil domestic, estates, and special proceedings.  The filing fees, minor funds, child support, condemnation deposits, and court fees and costs paid into the office totals millions of dollars annually that is collected by cashiers and managed by the bookkeepers in the office.

“I campaigned on a platform of experience and service.  That experience has served me well and I continue to add to it,” Michelle stated.  “I am continually attending training that is offered through the UNC School of Government and the Administrative Office of the Courts.”

Since taking office, she has found and been able to utilize new space for the Estates, Special Proceedings, Juvenile, and Bookkeeping Divisions.  Additionally, many old files and documents have been sent to the NC State Archives for appropriate storage.  This process of cleaning out has created more useable space in her office where she will add additional staff, recently allocated from the General Assembly.

In the office, she is developing an internal leadership structure for staff that assures each division is functioning efficiently, following the law, and offering exemplary service to all of Johnston County’s citizens.  Having well trained, experienced Assistant Clerks in these leadership positions allows her to look to the future of the office for staff development and building the skills needed as she strives to be one of the best Clerk’s office in North Carolina.

As an active member of the Conference of Clerks of Superior Court, Michelle serves as the Chairman of the Resource Committee and as a member of the Legislative and Technology Committees.  She is also a member of the North Carolina Guardianship Association and the National College of Probate Judges.

Michelle is married to Jerry Ball, a local land surveyor and they have 4 children.  She is an active member of First Baptist Church in Smithfield where she teaches Sunday School to 5th and 6th graders.