Micro’s Only Bank Closing

The only retail bank location in the small town of Micro is closing.

BB&T has started notifying customers their branch at 32 N. Railroad Street in Micro will close permanently later this year.

BB&T Vice President of Corporate Communications David R. White told WTSB News, “We recognize that any business closing can be an emotional issue for a community. More and more, our clients are choosing to conduct their banking business digitally both here at BB&T and in the financial industry as a whole. While branches are still an important part of BB&T’s business model, we’re constantly evaluating all of our locations in terms of client-use patterns and convenience within the markets we serve.”

“We never take the decision to close a financial center lightly,” White added. “But after much consideration, we’ve decided to close the branch… on November 16th”.

White said BB&T customers in Micro can be served at the Smithfield branch at 1112 N. Brightleaf Boulevard, about 15 minutes away.

No layoffs are anticipated.  Most of the employees in Micro will be moving to the bank’s Receiving Financial Center.