Mother, Children Hide In Bathroom During Home Invasion

SELMA – A young mother and her two children escaped injury during a home invasion. The burglary was reported at 1:05am Sunday, March 26th on Highway 96 about five miles north of Selma.

The 33 year-old victim said she was awakened by sounds inside her home. She and her two children locked themselves inside a bathroom, where they hid and called 911.

Johnston County deputies arrived but the suspect or suspects had already fled. A broken piggy bank was located on the floor. Money was stolen from the piggy bank and from a second container of cash in the home. A wallet was also missing.

The victim was unable to give deputies a description of the intruder but reportedly said they saw the movement of flashlights under the door while locked in the bathroom.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Terrible. As a child my home was broken into 4 times. It’s something you never forget. Father was where at the time?

    • Why does it matter, or is it any of your business? Maybe she is a widow, or a single mom.. maybe father was at work. It is irrelevant.

      • It’s irrelevant, but of the utmost concern. A father’s job is to protect his family. It’s my business because I’m a member of this community and society as a whole, same as you.

  2. Look folks just take a deep breath here and realize this isn’t what it looks like, no one was even threaten here. This is only Mostly-Peaceful/Partly-Violent protesters that probably had gotten disoriented in the early morning hour’s? When is Johnston County going to get a Liberal Progressive Sheriff and Prosecutor that knows how to catch and release our outstanding felons and stop this overreach that could have further stained thier reputations?

    • Please tell me you are joking (BidenWon)?? Doesn’t matter if they were threatened or
      or not THEY WERE IN HER HOME! I just hope and pray to god I’m home if someone tries to break in!! Someone would have to come and identify a body or bodies with all the bullet holes
      that would be in them and secondly we da*n sure don’t need a liberal sheriff. we need to stop slapping them on the wrist and start hanging the *******!! how about JOCO?

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