Motorist Robbed, Stabbed At Smithfield Intersection

Drivers may not think about locking their car doors when traveling, but a robbery reported Thursday in Smithfield may cause many people to think twice.

Smithfield-Police-Car-ImageA 61 year-old man had stopped his car for a stop sign on South Sixth Street around 5:00am Thursday. As soon as his vehicle came to a stop, the victim said a man approached quickly, jerked open the driver’s door to his vehicle, and used a sharp object to slash his face.  The victim said he was robbed of his wallet before the suspect fled on foot.

The victim drove himself to Johnston Medical Center for treatment.  Police were called to the hospital to talk with the victim.

The incident appears to be isolated. 

According to safety experts, use common sense when traveling. Lock your car doors while driving and roll the windows up far enough to keep someone from reaching into your vehicle.  At stop signs and lights keep you car in gear.  Keep your purse and valuables out of sight, even when driving in your locked car. Park in a safe well-lighted area. Before unlocking your car, make sure no one is around you. And before getting back in your vehicle look inside to make sure no one is hiding in the seat or floor.  And, experts say, never pick up a hitchhiker. Even if the person looks harmless they could still be dangerous.         

Anyone with information on Thursday’s robbery and assault is asked to contact Smithfield Police at 919-934-2121.