Multiple Car Break-Ins Reported

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating five car break-ins reported Monday.

Three of the break-ins occurred at Pace’s Mobile Home Park in the 15000 block of Buffalo Road, outside of Clayton.  Car stereos were stolen from all three of the vehicles.

JoCo-News-FI-ImageOver $3,000 in property was taken from a vehicle in the 8900 block of Cleveland Road on Monday. The vehicle had been left unlocked.

A small amount of cash was removed from a car left unlocked on Bucking Saddle Way in the Willow Spring community yesterday.

In an unrelated case, Smithfield Police are investigating a car break-in reported March 23rd. The victim said $3,400 in cash was removed from her vehicle while it was parked on N. Sussex Drive.

Law enforcement agencies say it is important to keep your vehicles locked at all times and keep valuables out of sight or locked in your trunk.