NC House Republicans Urge Governor Cooper To Take Significant Action To Address Border Crisis, Impact On North Carolina

Photo courtesy Office of Representantive Destin Hall

Raleigh – On Wednesday, NC House Republicans held a press conference to address the US border crisis and its impact on North Carolina. House Republicans also shared a letter signed by all 72 NC House Republicans, urging Governor Cooper to take more significant action on behalf of our state. The letter was sent to Governor Cooper earlier today.

The North Carolina House of Representatives urge Governor Cooper take the following actions:

  • Deploy additional North Carolina National Guard troops to assist Governor Abbott, not under ineffectual federal authority, but in coordination with Texas leadership and request any needed additional resources for this deployment in your upcoming state budget submission.
  • Commit to signing legislation that mandates cooperation with ICE by local police departments to remove illegal immigrants who are committing crimes. Many illegal immigrants are unaccompanied military-aged men with military or cartel experience.
  • Halt any discretionary cooperation with the federal government to place and house illegal migrants in the State.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The Biden Administration has utterly failed to secure our border. Consequently, every state in the country is now a border state, including North Carolina. It is past time for Governor Cooper to take swift action on behalf of all North Carolinans.”


    • Yes, the LEGAL way. The way my Grandparents came to this country, and it was the legal way thru Ellis Island. You are ignorant if you think these are all nice people that will make good neighbors. Well, you are wrong, and you must have forgotten 9/11. Well, I have not! I have lost and still losing to many of my Fire Department brothers and sisters. I was a FDNY, and I WILL NEVER FORGET! Don’t forget Police Officers and civilians as well. LOCK OUR BORDERS!

    • That should be provable, right Chuck? They just say the word and they’re let in. There’s no vetting. We don’t know who these people are. Moreso, there are Iranian and Chinese nationals coming in through the Mexico border too. Are you okay with that?

    • what are they seeking asylum from? Most aren’t political asylum seekers, nor are they seeking asylum from war. And yes people can seek asylum but they have to do it in a proper manor. Which that whole military age illegals crossing the border scares me, its almost like our nation has forgotten 9/11 and that terrorist attacks happen because a lot of extremists hate our country. Not to mention China, Russia and a few other countries besides terrorist groups.

  1. Why is Moore passing the buck???? GOP has super-majorities in both houses, just pass the bills and override Cooper’s veto.

    • Because talk that goes nowhere costs nothing, but I’m guessing you knew that. It’s a big show calling for things you know aren’t going to happen. That way you can have your cake and eat it, too, win elections for supporting things you don’t really want.

    • Because the Constitution of this State says the Governor is Commander In Chief of the National Guard. The NCGA has zero power to command that force what to do.

    • The first item mentions the national guard, I believe they are called at the descretion of the governor, not the legislature. That’s on NoDoCoopers watch.

  2. Asylum is not the issue, keeping terrorist, drug cartel members and freeloaders out IS the issue. Does your house have a window screen for a roof? Cooper is hopeless.

  3. 10 million people crossing our border illegally with minimum vetting and being dispersed across States with the help of Democratic Governors, and Attorney Generals is National Security Risk. FBI Director Wray testified to Congress our Southern Border is one of our largest Security Threats. Thank-you President Biden and Governor Cooper for making our Nation less safe.

  4. Do you guys support Republicans not working with Dems on the border bill, even though Republicans have been demanding one. What’s more important to yall, trying to fix the problem that seems to be very important or giving Trump the opportunity to say Biden did nothing to fix the border?

  5. You don’t need new laws. Even Obama deported 87 percent of the so called Asylum seekers during his administration. The first 2 years of Joe’s administration he had a Democratic Senate and House. He says he proposed new immigration laws then. Why didn’t they pass it then or he keep trying if he needed new laws as opposed to letting 10 million illegals into this Country. They want the votes.

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