NC Tobacco Growers To Vote Wednesday On Export Assessment

Tobacco-FieldFunds would support export promotion 

Flue-cured tobacco growers in North Carolina will have a chance to vote on Wednesday, January 27th on whether to continue their self-assessment to support export promotion and expansion programs conducted by Tobacco Associates for the next three crop marketing years.

The exact assessment will be approved by the N.C. Tobacco Associates Board of Directors, but the amount will not exceed one-fifth of 1 cent per pound of tobacco sold. The assessment would be in effect for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Tobacco-Cropping-FIBallots will be available for flue-cured tobacco growers at N.C. Cooperative Extension offices on Jan. 27. Growers should contact their county extension office for information about polling locations and times.

For 68 years, Tobacco Associates has directed its activities to protect, promote and expand foreign markets for U.S. flue-cured leaf. “Tobacco Associates and its programs are unique to the worldwide market. No other organization offers the type or scope of value-added promotion and marketing assistance and education to customers and potential new customers,” said Kirk Wayne, president. “Tobacco Associates is solely farmer-financed and receives no third-party funding that allows for providing objective, unbiased and professional assistance and information that international partners and contacts depend on.”