Neuse Charter Science Fair Winners

Neuse Charter School has announced the winners of the 2018-2019 Science Fair. Science Fairs allow students to pursue their interests in science and technology.

Students conducted science fair experiments in the following areas: Biology; Chemistry; Earth and Environmental; Engineering; Physics and Mathematics; and Technology.

The winners will advance to our Regional Fair, giving them the opportunity to move on to the NC Science and Technology Fair. Students advancing to the state level have the chance to win scholarships and monetary awards.

Neuse Charter School provides innovative approaches to learning by focusing on high academic standards, critical and creative thinking skills, character development, and multicultural experiences for grades K-12.

The grade level science fair winners are pictured as follows: Olivia Mir, Ava Cummings, Abbigale Creech, Eli Williard, Aaron Rodriguez, Grey Fuchs, Will Denning, Lexi Hopkins, Luis Beltran, Lola Ortiz, Maddison Session, David Lawrence, Chassidy Kepley, Dominic Knight, Abastasia Issigonis, Ethan Overby, Ian Overby, and Cletus Yow.