Neuse Charter Senior Scholarships

Neuse Charter School is proud to announce their most current scholarship award amounts for the class of 2016. The following Seniors have earned a total of over $1.8 million from over 20 different schools.

Brandon Scott- Barton College- $34,000

Brandon Scott- Bridgewater College-$92,000

Brandon Scott- Campbell University- $52,000

Brandon Scott- Hamden Sydney- $40,000

Brandon Scott- Lenior Rhyne University- $52,000

Brandon Scott- Methodist University- $60,000

Brandon Scott- Mt. Olive-$17,200

Brandon Scott- North Carolina Wesleyan University- $60,0000

Brandon Scott- Wingate- $64,000

Byron Addison- Campbell University- $56,000

Byron Addison- North Carolina Central- $14,000

Byron Addison- Wingate University- $72,000

Cole Perkins- University of Alabama-$103,000

Danielle Fletcher- Campbell University- $52,000

Danielle Fletcher- Chowan- $27,200 

Danielle Fletcher- Hollins University- $104,000

Danielle Fletcher- Lenior Rhyne- $52,000

Danielle Fletcher- Mary Baldwin College- $64,000

Danielle Fletcher- Wingate- $64,000

Danielle Fletcher-Bridgewater College- $92,000

Danielle Fletcher-Johnson and Wales-$60,000

Emily Proctor- Louisiana Tech- $93,148

John Fang- Kings College- $60,000

John Fang- Mars Hill- $72,000

John Fang- Western Carolina University- $20,000

Morgan Beasley- Barton College- $20,000

Morgan Beasley- Chowan- $21,200

Morgan Beasley- Ferrum College- $60,000

Morgan Beasley- Gardner Webb- $34,000

Morgan Beasley- Mt. Olive- $12,000

Nora McCarthy- Catawba College- $68,000

Sabrina Sicilia- $68,000

Sabrina Sicilia- University of Alabama-$103,000

Vance Neville- Campbell University- $52,000

Vance Neville- Mt. Olive- $16,000