New Book At The Partnership For Children Park StoryWalk

Have you been out to the Partnership for Children Park in Smithfield lately? If not, the weather is perfect for a day at the park. Not only is it an inclusive play space, but this park has the only StoryWalk in Johnston County.

“What is a StoryWalk?” you ask. The StoryWalk concept began in 2007 with Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont. A specialist in chronic disease prevention, Ferguson was looking for fun ways to get families outside and moving. She came up with the idea of separating out the pages of a children’s book and posting them along a local nature trail.

Our new story is “Peace is an Offering”, written by Annette Lebox and illustrated by Stephanie Graegin. This bilingual book is a warm, comforting poem about finding peace in a community of neighbors. The pages of the book are spread around the outline of the park and follow a path using 16 storyboards. Your family has the opportunity to use Active Reading Skills to answer the questions posted under each frame in both English and Spanish. Children will learn how to ask questions, build vocabulary and connect to their world using this book.

The weather is perfect for a day at the park. Load up the kids and head out to the Partnership for Children Park 600 M. Durwood Stephenson Hwy, Smithfield NC 27577.


The Partnership for Children of Johnston County is a non-profit organization that has worked for 23 years to improve the safety, health and emotional well-being of young children by enhancing the quality of childcare and supporting strong families.

Together we will improve the economic sustainability of Johnston County, ensuring that its future workforce is prepared for success in school and life. Find out more about the programs and services offered by the Partnership for Children, by calling (919)202-0002 or follow us on social media @PFCJoCo.

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