New County Garbage Decal Program Begins In January

Johnston County residents who purchase a solid waste decal to use at one of a dozen convenience sites to dispose of their garbage had sticker shock in July when the price increased from $65 to $100 per decal.

This month, county commissioners agreed to try out a new pilot program suggested by County Manager Rick Hester.  It won’t reduce the fee but it is designed to make the purchase of a decal simpler.

Under the existing decal program, residents pay $100 for the decal on July 1st of each year. The decal is valid for 12 months until a replacement decal is needed the following July 1st.  If purchased later in the year, the decals costs are pro-rated each month in between.

To eliminate the confusing pro-rated costs and to do away with the July start-stop date, a new decal will be rolled out next month.  The decal can be purchased at anytime throughout the year for $100 and will be valid for 12 full months.

When sold to a customer, the decal month will be punched out of the sticker so site attendants can monitor the expiration dates.

While the $100 fee will not be going down, it will allow customers to keep the decal a full year.